This privacy policy explains how (“we”) processes your personal data and deliver our web services. Please read it carefully, as it specifies which rights you have and how you can exercise your rights.

Our Web Service
We operate a web service that provides support for mobile phone applications. Our service may store information about mobile devices that it communicates with via our API’s or mobile applications.

What We Store about You
We store all information provided to us by you while using our web services and client libraries. This will include, in particular, mobile device information, application keys, and passwords (often in encrypted / hashed way).

How Long We Store this Data
We will remove your information within a reasonable period of time after receiving your request to do so. Otherwise, the information will be stored in a secure and protected environment for as long as we believe it necessary to serve you and to carry out the other purposes for which we collected the information. In addition, legislation might oblige us to store this information for a certain period of time.

What We Do with Your Data
We will be working with partners on ways to provide statistical analysis of data and improve our services to you through the general data mining. We sometimes provide statistical information (trends, numbers, etc.) generated from our databases to third parties, please rest assured that we exercise the precautions to ensure you cannot be identified on the basis of this statistical information. Note that we usually use the quantitative general data obtained through automated database queries and all the precautions are taken so that the specific information is not exposed.

Also note that we can provide access to your personal data in case of illegal or abusive use, or in case we receive orders from a competent legal authority.

Your Rights
You have the right to gain access to, correct and/or remove all personal data we store about you on our servers. All this is provided to you free of charge. In order to exercise your rights, please contact us.